About us …. A little of our history

ICCSA is the first global factory, for building software components with open source and certified quality

ICCSA is the creator of a Software Development Platform Object Oriented.  Since 1992, the founding members of ICCSA, working to develop tools for rapid software development and industrialization of components (SPL). The results of this work are embodied in what we now call ICCSA

ICCSA Development Platform, fully integrated with a pragmatic and scientific methodology has been tested in its various components and successive levels, during the process of its evolution and has revolutionized IT for large multi-nationals in the US and Europe

The development tools created by the founding members of ICCSA, have been chosen and thoroughly tested on their several versions, by prestigious international companies

Today, all research and development carried out for 18 years, the tools developed, carefully implemented methodology for the industrial construction of software and the integrated coexistence with major technological standards of today's software industry, come together with a large contribution of experience that now we call simply ICCSA

The ICCSA technology is designed specifically for the needs of:

  • International enterprises wishing to maximize ROI (Return on Investment or Rate of Return) when building new software systems or adapting existing ones

  • Software integrators looking to undercut competitors in time and cost when bidding for projects

  • Software package vendors seeking to develop new software packages or revamp existing ones with new features and for new technologies

The ICCSA’s software components provide a huge competitive advantage during all phases of application development, from specification to deployment, and the applications built with these components are open to current and future cutting edge technologies.