ICCSA model is a software development platform fully industrialized, integrated, allowing to unite and optimally manage teams that are dispersed throughout the world in an international controlled development collaboration.

The platform must has Deployment Flexibility.

The deployment platform has the technical and administrative tools and the ability to assign, control and orchestrate the work of thousands of developers, geographically distributed, working all together, producing perfect and uniform code, with no chance for programmer error, with uniform development criteria, plus a perfect industrialization layout, a rigorous process of quality controls, broad structured repositories of software components to re-use, excellent documental support and open code. 

In the deployment platform, the software component development and the business, are always with you, they are where you are. Any developer in the world can be an active member, which integrates learning and training in the use of advanced tools and then joining to work-groups in the production lines in one or more roles (developer, business analyst, commercial partner, ...) for his own benefit and from his own environment.

In the same way, any entrepreneur in the world, in his own offices and environments, can and receives education and support for his developing teams, can buy and integrate software components in his own applications and receive support in real time

The deployment platform is then a Global Factory, a development environment expanded and deployed to the international setting