Why? - The Election

There are key markets, for the development of software industry. Practically all of them are in the northern hemisphere.


While in some southern hemisphere countries, may not be a cultural gap or scientific-technical knowledge to the north, if there is such inequality in those aspects related to industry and technology market.In general and historically, the Southern Hemisphere acquires and uses technology manufactured in North

Today, the same technological advances in communications allow geographical decentralization of the historical hegemony of the north with the south

The scientific-technical diffusion, the industrial cooperation, the transfer and filing of tools and technology, promotes competition and the creation of new enterprises, with new increasingly competitives activities, and encourages in macro-economic terms, to the region where they are implemented

However, in a world in constant change, the approval of the necessary skills to enter a market with advanced technologies, requires a great effort in the diffusion and training. The search of the most appropriate skills for the absorption of this knowledge is aimed at countries with a structure of solid scientific and technical training

The election:

Why Argentina??. Simply, just because along with Chile, Brazil and Colombia, according to all our studies and currently, represent the most valid option for this type of venture based in Latin America


This process of implementing advanced technologies should be conducted in two clearly defined stages :

1 ª Disseminate and educate

spread, education and practical training in the concepts and tools that deploy technologies. These actions focusing on state enterprises, scientific and technical foundations, institutes of business innovation and government institutions.

2ª Production deployment

make real the technological implementation, deploying global production platforms that use and promote technology growth and deployment of projects and companies that may be newly created