ICCSA’s Mission

ICCSA's mission is to provide a complete set of software components and education services for Business Analysts, for Development Teams and during building business-critical applications for international companies.  The ICCSA software components help drastically save time and money, all the while permitting IT departments to remain open to new technologies so that they can adapt to the world’s fast-changing technical landscape.

ICCSA's software components, ICCSA's building methodology, ICCSA's development tools, ICCSA's industrialization processes and specially the philosophy of ICCSA about the conception, the re-use and the deployment of software components  covers an enterprise's entire application development life-cycle

ICCSA has certain tools targeting application specification by Business Analysts, Process Analysts and Technical Development Teams.

ICCSA's architects have applied their significant project management and SPL development experience to create modern, integrated tools that let us specify and build software components universally integrable in any application and in any technical environment, giving enterprises a competitive edge in the development of their applications, in today's changeable business climate.

A fundamental theme underlying the ICCSA approach is the complete separation of the modeling (analysis, specification, and prototyping) of a software component from its deployment environment(s). This separation is necessary so that an enterprise develops its applications using concepts SPL and re-use components without technical constraints and with reducing time and money during its development

Furthermore, ICCSA recognizes that the world doesn't stay still.  Both technology and business evolve.  The only way to succeed is to be responsive to change. Fundamental to the ICCSA approach is accepting the changeable nature of the world; all the ICCSA components are designed to incorporate evolution, both technical and business, so that applications keep pace with the business world.

By adopting the ICCSA approach, an enterprise conserves its development investment, being able to deploy on various environments today, while keeping its options open for deploying on new environments tomorrow.  The end result is a much higher ROI for IT than is possible with traditional developments.

Finally, ICCSA furnishes a full range of Software Components and Education Services in both the America and in EuropeICCSA and its very experienced teams are there to help clients best apply the ICCSA technology so that they succeed in their competitive businesses.