ICCSA Education & Training

ICCSA offers a full set of training courses to assure that your development team and business analysts reap the full benefits from our tools. The training courses are designed for real-world cases to match the needs of development teams working on our business’ applications.

  • First Level Training

  • Advanced ICCSA-Development-Platform (IDP) Training

  • Integration Training

First Level Training: This 10 day course is designed for members of development teams starting application projects with ICCSA-Development-Platform. Designers, Developers, GUI specialists, and Project Managers will learn how to manipulate IDP and will learn the IDP techniques to build sophisticated components. Our pragmatic orientation leaves the class with a solid understanding of IDP, and with a head-start on the software components application they intend to develop.

Days 1-7 are dedicated to coursework, exposing the trainees to the IDP fundamentals and illustrating them with many examples. Trainees rapidly absorb the IDP concepts and, after just the first day, are able to build simple software component.

Days 8-10 are devoted to implementing a prototype of your choosing. Typically, a class will implement a first version of the real application that the development team wants to develop, all with the guidance of the ICCSA certified instructor.

This training leads to IDP Developer Certification.

Advanced IDP Training: This 5 day course is recommended for IDP development teams after they have had approximately 3 months of IDP experience. This course has three main emphases.

First, this course re-enforces IDP concepts and techniques that the trainees have encountered with their real-life project.

Second, this course introduces the trainees to advanced concepts and subjects with which they may not be familiar, yet are important to assure a correct use of the ICCSA tools.

Finally, this course introduces advanced features that may be handy for building sophisticated software components.

This training leads to IDP Experienced Developer Certification.

Integration Training: This 5 day course is designed for those responsible for integrating and deploying IDP built components. Advanced developers, integrators, and project managers learn how to ensure efficient deployment of software components for a variety of targets, and how to ensure maintainability and configuration management for future development.

This training leads to an Integration Certification