What We Do

ICCSA focuses essentially on the following strategic activities :

  • Designing, building, certification, packaging, integration and implementation of software components  open source
  • Prototyping : modelling, designing, rad-building and implementations of prototypes to large and complex projects
  • DQS: Support, management, education and methodologies implementation to Developing Quality Software in the whole project life cycle
  • I + R&D : RAD-Tools, SPL, DQS methodologies and standard certification

ICCSA also provides a full range of competitive software integration and software consulting services to guarantee the success of your business applications.

 Development of Turnkey Applications

Experienced teams of highly trained ICCSA engineers and project managers, using the ICCSA tools, its methodology and its industrial development platform to develop turnkey applications for our large international clients.  The Business Analysts work with ICCSA’s Technical Teams, in a fast-paced, iterative process to ensure the completion of applications on time and on budget.

 Application Certification

ICCSA proposes the certification of applications built with its Software Components.  Through a series of structured reviews, ICCSA will guarantee that an application will run correctly.

 Software Consultation

ICCSA’s experienced engineers, offer high-powered consultation and education on SPL, DQS and all issues from development to architecture to integration.

ICCSA can help your company build the applications you need at very competitive cost!