ICCSA Software Components

The secret to building powerful and robust software components and applications quickly is component reuse

With components reuse, the development of projects can attain upwards of 75% reuse rate

That means that, Development Teams only need develop approximately a quarter of the application, thus saving enormously in time and budget. Additionally, the 75% of the application that is reused has been thoroughly tested, greatly increasing application stability.

The underlying technology of reusable components is object-oriented programming.
But, the basic precepts of good software components development, are a perfect industrialization layout, a rigorous processes of quality controls, stocks of software components to re-use with documental support and open code, .....these guides plus the most advanced technology and tools, have served the ICCSA to produce a complete, robust, fast, efficient, and organized environment as a Software Factory to Global Level
May be that, our software components, plus these guidelines, they can help you and your teams as they have helped ours